JonBenét Ramsey Murder

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Who Killed the Pageant Queen? The Prime Suspect.

UK:  ITV - '50 minutes
USA:  Court TV - '50 minutes.

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The Police

The third documentary in the trilogy – transmitted in the UK in 2004 - exposes the astonishing incompetence of the original police investigation into the killing of JonBenét.

It tells how in 2002, shortly after the second of the documentaries had been transmitted in the US, the new Boulder District Attorney, Mary Keanan took the case away from local police and asked Lou Smit to lead a new investigation.

The documentary reveals what was discovered in the first year of this investigation. It reveals fatal flaws in the original police investigation which failed to conduct proper house to house enquiries, dismissed important evidence if it pointed away from the Ramseys and above all, missed the killer’s DNA, which had been left at the scene.

The documentary also revealed that in that first year a dozen new suspects had been identified. The most promising new lead suggested that the Ramsey murder might well have been linked to a series of night time break-ins in Boulder in which little or nothing was taken. Detectives believe these break-ins were carried out for the thrill of stalking others and have identified one man – found dead three months after JonBenét’s murder – who they think may have been involved. Investigators think it possible he was murdered by an accomplice to stop him talking. They are now searching for an accomplice.

The documentary also reveals that because of a local exhaustion with the case in Boulder, few want to provide the District Attorney’s office with the funds necessary to continue a proper investigation As a consequence some of the newly identified suspects may never be properly investigated.

A Postcript: As a result of the documentary, the suspect then of most interest to detectives came forward and was properly eliminated from the inquiry. Other suspects remain univestigated.

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