JonBenét Ramsey Murder

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The Killing of JonBenét: An Evil Twist

UK:  Channel 4 - 50 minutes
Copies available at £25 plus VAT

The fourth documentary Mills Productions have made about the Ramsey case – transmitted in the UK in 2006 – reveals the dramatic and previously untold story behind the arrest in Bangkok that year, of suspect John Mark Karr.

It details the dark, disturbing e-mails Karr sent Colorado University professor Michael Tracey which threw Tracey into a journey of unimaginable evil. The documentary replays the harrowing phone calls to Tracey in which Karr described how he had killed JonBenét: relaying details that exactly matched the autopsy findings. It reconstructs the brilliant detective work and surveillance operations which unmasked Karr in Bangkok, an arrest which led to world wide publicity.

The documentary counterpoints these disturbing events with the tragic unfolding story of JonBenét’s parents: John and Patsy Ramsey, who lost everything because of the murder of their daughter. It reveals how, as detectives closed in on Karr, Patsy Ramsey fought and lost her final battle with ovarian cancer.

In an ironic but revealing twist to this latest chapter in the scandal which is the JonBenét murder case, the documentary shows that it was John Ramsey himself who – having suffered so much media persecution himself - led the fight to ensure that Mark John Karr benefited from a fair and impartial judicial process: something denied him and his family.

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